The Wetwing was designed by Jochen Ewert a bavarian engineer.
With different wings it is very fast on short and long distances and even in the slalom. Proofed on this years championships.
Wetwing won the slalom, was fast on 100m and on the long distance it drove incredible 7 km only on the wing.


Posted by Bruce E Arkwright, Jr on
So Jochen, is there only one of those? If so, can you open source the plans/parts so we can make one? It's hard finding all the parts.
Posted by Bruce E Arkwright, Jr on
Seriously, this would be a great rental, besides canoes and kayaks. Where to buy it or the plans/parts?
Posted by paolo on
Hi, I'm from Italy, I would like to know if this product is for sale and where from here can I purchase it
Thank you
Posted by Jean-Luc Laborieux on
Hi, I'm from France and i would like to build such an hydrofoil as yours. Is it possible to get the plans ? Do you sell them and at which price ?

It seems to be a great machine and i want to enjoy it too.
Thank you.
Best regards
Posted by Jose Americo on
Hi Jochen,

Congratulations!!! It is a great machine!!!

I'm from Brazil and I'm a engineer too na I would like to build a hydrofoil like yours. Do you sell the plans about that?

Best regards.

Jose Americo
Posted by António Lapa on
Bom dia, parabéns.
Sou Português, gostaria de saber se já existe o seu produto a ser comercializado no meu país? Qual seria a hipótese de ter exclusividade, na representação e comercialização do seu produto? Qual o preçário do seu invento?
Se estiver interessado, aguardo resposta sua.
Atenciosamente, obrigado.
António Lapa
Posted by Zul Talib on
Pose tell me where can I buy them from. Thank you.
Posted by Zul Talib on
Please tell me where can I buy them from. Thank you.
Posted by Juan Fernando on
good afternoon.
I am interested in your products, as I can do to get more information from them?
Posted by Russell Parr on
Hi Jochen,I live in Australia and would love to get one of your hydrofoils. Do you sell the plans? Do you sell the units?Thanks I hope you can help me
Posted by Jochen Ewert on

I would like to mention that my longest flight with the Wet Wing was 20km without touching the water (1hr 55min, Lake Starnberg in Bavaria from south end to north end).

My longest trip was 30km in 3hrs 15min including a 15min break (staying on the boat but floating, not flying).


Jochen Ewert
Posted by Jochen Ewert on
Hi all who are interested in buying or building another Wet Wing,

this is Jochen Ewert again.

I am afraid that I have to disappoint you, but Wet Wing is a prototype built by me and there is only one unit, which I want to keep for myself.
Also, I never found the time to create plans of it and it would be very difficult for some parts.
At least, here is some info how the different parts of the boat are made:

Framework: Aluminum tubes, carbon fibre tubes, steel cables (very simple, very light, very stiff; I consider it as a good design). Handle bar is standard bicycle part.

Floats: Fibre reinforced polyurethane (as used for life vests in commercial aircraft; needs experience to work with; work not carried out by me but by someone in northern Germany who made them in his garage according to my sketch. I consider it as a good but extreme design: 0.7 kg per float including fixings! Volume 90 liters each.)

Seat: Styrofoam shaped by hand, coated with glass fibre reinforced plastics (epoxy). The shape is optimized for my body. The strength of the seat is optimized for my weight and muscle power (both rather low). Good ergonomics: A 10mm layer of soft foam is enough to stay hours on the boat without pain. Potential for improvement: lighter foam or honeycomb, carbon fibre instead of glass fibre.

Strut (that is the surface piercing part that connects the framework with the wing): Aluminum skeleton, styrofoam coated with glass fibre reinforced plastics. Big potential for improvement: integral carbon fibre (CRP) design, much slender shape.

Wing: Carved cedar wood covered with CRP. Big potential for improvement (weight and performance): integral CRP, greater aspect ratio.

Front foil: CRP, laminated in CNC milled mould. Expensive; good design.

Front strut and surface follower: original parts from Trampofoil (see link on this website)

Drive train: Bicycle serial parts (pedals, cranks, bottom bracket), custom made chain ring (chain pitch 6mm: very light and smooth running), custom made drive train in the strut (second chain, also 6mm chain, Moebius band twisted design).

Propeller: CRP laminated in mould by Theo Schmid of Switzerland (as long ago as 1980's). Seems to be very efficient.

Some general remarks:

The boat has to be designed to your weight and power output. A "one-size-fits-all" design for a human powered hydrofoil is far below optimum. It would work but it's less fun.

If you want to use the boat for long distance rides (10 - 20km), the weight of the boat and your weight are crucial. If the weight is high, you need high power output. In my case, boat plus rider, life vest and filled drinking bottle weigh 75 kg (!).


Jochen Ewert
Posted by Nathan on
Hi from Aussie! Fantastic idea and it must be fun! I can understand if you don't have plans. Just wondering if you could sketch or draw a diagram of how you built the drive train (pedals to prop)? That would be gr8, thanks! Keep it up!
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