Waterbike the Human Powered Hydrofoil Waterbicycle


The Basic Idea of the waterbike was to redesign an aquaskipper for pedal power. So a pedal system with propellar was simply added to the the aquskipper. But this version didn´t work good at all.

In the second version of the Waterbike, a bicycle frame was used as a basic frame. And the wings and propellar-system were custom build. This Waterbike works very well as you can see in the video. After the Flying Fish this is just the second watercycle without any floating devices.  This means you always must start with enough speed from some kind of jetty and you can not go to slow unless you preferre to swim.

The second version showed allready much more of a unique design and really works very well!

This Waterbike is only a Prototype and not for sale yet. Please subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to stay up to date.


Posted by Nick mead on
Love this pedal hydrofoil would either love to buy a few if they are in production ,or get involved with the manufacture .Now own aquaskipper uk and think this is my kind of product to.
Nick on 07860 455636
01295 768400
Posted by Shawn on
Where can i purchase these in South Africa
Posted by palida on
I am interested in purchasing this pedal hydrofoil, could you please let me know where i could purchase this?
Posted by janardhan somani on
love this,please let me know to how much it would cost if i want to buy this hydrofoil waterbike?
Posted by Doug Robertson on
Where can I buy one?
Posted by Daniela on
Hello, Im interested in Hydrofoil Waterbike and i would like to know wholesale price for 5 sample to test the market.
Posted by Simon Dubé on
Hello, this is a nice product! I was wondering how the pedaling effort was transfered to to the propeller?
Posted by Joost holland on
Is het mogelijk een waterfiets te kopen, of eventueel onderdelen ervan? Joost
Posted by Sander Hoogerbrugge on
Where can I find more information on price and availability, this looks really fun. Are there DIY packs available?

Cheers Sander
Posted by ojo on
Hello, I am interested purchasing this pedal hydrofoil and i would like to know wholesale price for 5 sample to test the market.
Posted by ojo on
Who's who deal with this site, please contact contact us, we strongly interested in a partnership, or in purchasing.
Posted by Matt on
Very nice and clean design! Are you planning to market? I would like to build one similar, can you provide any design details? Thanks! Matt
Posted by Mantas on
Hello, I m intresting in it, could I buy it?
Posted by Marksaitis on
Shut up and take my money! :)
Posted by Torvic Appelbergst on
All VERY NICE imagine using this is Venice or Amsterdam or along a beach in area like Vancouver were there is are only rare waves. But why NOT show the total bike ?
Really bizare what is the point creating all the buzz and the killing it by not sharing or selling it?
Posted by Óscar Almeida on
Hello. I'm from Portugal and I love cycling, but in the summer with your product I would love it even more ... perhaps even begin a new competitive sport in view of the numerous rivers and lakes existing in my country.
Tell me please if you are selling your invention, how much is it and how can i purchase it? Thank you and congratulations for the innovation.

Oscar Almeida
Posted by Junius on
Greetings. You state above that "The chain-propellar system needs to be quite sophisticated and would make it hard to produce a durable mass-product." I believe that the answer to your problem is quite simple: nylon gears with a Kevlar belt "chain." The clever trick would be how to lubricate the gears (via an enclosed, water-proof housing?) Please don't give up. You have an alarmingly attractive product just waiting to hit the market.

Best regards, Junius
Posted by Jek Skorgen on
And if you aren't planning on selling it, instructable please :)
Posted by kelvin knudson on
please please please open this opportunity up to the world. I would love one of these!
Posted by Phil on
Please contact me about my ability to purchase one of these water bikes!!!
Posted by Jack on
I would love to build one, would you provide instructions?
Posted by Jesus on
I want one, its so much faster than walking...
Posted by Dan on
So are they avalible anywhere? Id very much consider purchasing one.
Posted by Bruce E Arkwright, Jr on
I got the aquaskipper, where did the pedal/propeller come/purchase from?
Posted by Steven Merz on
Hello, I m intresting in it, could I buy it?
Posted by James Evans on
Feeling a little deflated at moment as for about 3years I've had almost the very same idea in my mind! I'd love to share some thoughts on this. I'm not thinking of a pedal drive but similar, then a twisted chain drive to a 15 x 25" prop. This all then gets bolted to my aqua skipper. What advice do you have? I don't have any real resource to develop this so it's all manufactured in my shed. Hope to get it in the water this summer.

Any comments welcome please.

Posted by miguel dubarry on
Me gustaría saber si hay disponibilidad para la venta del waterbike, precios.
También si es posible conseguir kits ó planos para la construcción.
Posted by kirby on
how much does it cost and could i buy one?
Posted by kirby on
how much does it cost and could i buy one?
Posted by AT3 Richard Jackson on
Dear sirs, PLEASE let me know if you are offering ANY dealerships! It's UNIQUE and PROMISING!
Posted by juan carlos on
hola les quiero preguntar con cuantas rpm de pedaleo funciona en planeo , y cuantas rpm trabaja la elice
Posted by avinash on
Ilike Human Powered Hydrofoil Waterbike
Posted by mark on
I also have an aquaskipper and wish you could post some information on the pedal prop unit that you attached to your aquaskipper. I am not good with the aquaskipper *( a couple hundred feet would be a long way for me, THere is a technique that I just have not learned yet) but I ride a bicycle as transportation so maybe that would make the aquaskipper easier to use.
I would also like to know how you managed to have the chain drive on your bicycle unit turn 90 degrees for the propeller?
Does either unit have the ability to shift gears so that the propeller can turn faster at lower or different cadence?
More information Please.
Thank you very much for all of your time and effort
Posted by Steven on
Where can I purchase one? Regards Steven
Posted by Alexander on
Please public detailed diagram for diyer :)
Posted by Anna on
Hi! really interesting drive instead the common hydrofoil with jumping platform to aquaskipper! I'm interested in purchasing of that dismountable part or this bycicle in full. Please contact me as quick as possible via email or skype : anika_ra! Can it be attached to the end part of the aquaskipper?
Posted by Josef on
Hello, Im interested in Hydrofoil Waterbike and i would like to know wholesale price for 5 sample to test the market. Thanks!
Posted by Pepek on
I am interested in purchasing this pedal hydrofoil, could you please let me know where i could purchase this?
Posted by BITTOON.P.B on
where can i purchase these in india
Posted by kevin on
i frequently paddle the Shenandoah river which is full of sharp, rocky ledges which impede underwater hydrofoils and fallen bodies. Does anyone know of a prone position hpv that
would function like a waterstrider, using tensegrity and weight shifting for propulsion?
Posted by Daniel on
could you give me some information on how the chain-driven propeller system works for the second version? Please. Maybe a diagram?
Posted by Rok on
Hi I did not quite go threw all the posts, but would love to buy it if possible?
Thank you, Rok Slovenia
Posted by John on
I am surprised nobody has tried to a trans-lant on one of these. That would be an awesome marketing strat.. Get these on the market cause i want one!!
Posted by gene on
Where will i be able to get one of thoughts hydro wings?
Posted by patricio on
hi where i can buy it in america
Posted by Jose Augusto on
Hello, I have a aquabird (waterbike). I'd like to have a pedal equipment for it. Can you pls. contact me and give me more details. Thank you.
Posted by ricardo manotas on
good morning
I'm student of mechanical engineering of "universidad Autonoma del caribe" of barranquilla,I am a student of seventh semester, I am doing a project for machine design in which we will VTH (human traction vehicle) I am very interested in your "Human Powered Hydrofoil Waterbike" and I wonder if you can give me a general level or instructions for duplicate the model. academic purposes only
Posted by Eli on
I like this bike. I am working on a bike that is a like taking a exotic bike and turning it into a bike-boaat. So you put your feet on the gas, and brake, while your leaning forward, you have your hands on the handles. The engines are big, and it sits behind your bike.

I am going to be rich once I finish.
Posted by Markov on
I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Writing to you because I really liked Hydrofoil Waterbike, and it would be great if I bought several things. When are you planning to start selling them on the market? Or it is possible now?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)
Posted by Julian Keogh on
Looks really exciting, cannot wait till they are available. Start a facebook group - this is gonna go viral, we need something NEW next summer ... go forth ! I'll be a tattooed model, I fell behind on the engineering banter.
Posted by Andrea Rea on
How much muscle power does it take to ride one of these? Does it take an all-out sprint and athlete, or can a person who averages about 8-10 mph on a regular 50 mile bike ride on land keep this afloat?
Posted by Mathieu on

I prepar a circus show on water and I would to know if it's possible to buy this waterbike
or buy plans to make it...
I leave in France
Thank you for your answer
Posted by Jean-Luc GILQUIN (SARL GILQUIN) on
Ou est il possible de trouver le vélo à l'achat. Je suis en France et suis intéressé pour en acheter plusieurs.
Cordialement Mr GILQUIN
Posted by Carolina on
Hi. I'd like to buy one waterbike. I live in Brazil, and I can't find it here.
Would you tell me how much it costs?
Posted by Rick Nero on
Want to be kept informed of progress of design & production of the Waterbike. Have a hydrobike & about to get an Aquaskipper. Looking for access to one in USA.
Posted by jacobo on
Hola estoy muy interesado en este producto. Vivo en España y me gustaria tener uno o los planos para fabricarlo.
muchas gracias por tu atencion
Posted by alex kerry on
As soon as you fix the bugs in your waterbike were are you planning on selling it, in other words were can someone in British Columbia get one.
Posted by Christy Elesmore on
I would buy this right now, bugs and all! I hope it goes into production soon!
Posted by Jim Schexnayder on
Also interested in purchasing aqua bike or in the plans to make one. I live on a lake and could possibly be a distributor. Please keep me informed as to when the prototype may be available for sale Thanks. Jim
Posted by Fernando on
Do you have waterbikes for sale?
How can I buy it
Posted by stephan on
Ou est il possible de trouver le vélo à l'achat. Je suis en France et suis intéressé pour en acheter plusieurs.
cordialement s.MARTAL
Posted by russell ainsworth on
Where can I purchase?
Posted by Lio on
I'm interested to know how fast they go. I'm perfecting a new propeller system that is 4 x more efficient so it will make the foil bike go 4 x as fast.... Please keep in touch.
Cheers Lio.
Posted by Vijay Simha on
How about having three or four propellers which spin the the horizontal plane
to get the bike to balance stably when you want to take some rest.

These should be activated by the flick of a switch.
Posted by boon lim on
Hi, I am in Berkeley, California and would like to buy at least one. Let me know where to buy.
Posted by raphael on
I wonder if you guys sell the hydrofoil waterbike ... how much it costs .... and if you guys do not have to sell ... send me the steps to try to make one for me here in Brazil .... thanks and I look much response
Posted by adriano rodrigues goncalves on
queria comprar uma dessa por favor entrem em contato comigo
Posted by Sander on
Can i buy this or what? 4 years later still no info.
Posted by daveb on
Hi, i would love to hear more about this. It looks like a good kickstarter project.
Posted by Lurchi on
Hey guys,
whoever wants to know it, I found out that this bike was designed by Stefan Riederer, a German engineer living in Bavaria. A documentary has been made by Herbert Hackl in the Bayerischer Rundfunk, a public TV broadcaster. I can't still find the documentary but I think, he worked at the technical university in Munich. If you're able to contact him or find something out that helps, write it down here, otherwise, this beautifully made bike will never reach mass production!
Posted by Stuart on
Hi. I am shocked by the number of folks asking the same question that was already answered above in the red box but anyway, I do have a question. How does this foil handle water that is not smooth? Is there a prospect for using this in beach conditions with waves?
Posted by Federico on
hay planos para construir esta cosa?..
Posted by brunxx on
the maximum speed is.. ?
Posted by Brad Higgins on
What an incredible unit! I do have one small suggestion though, add two extremely lightweight, maybe inflatable, pontoon outriggers (one on each side) to settle down onto and keep you afloat if you stop pedaling, which would be up and out of the water when you start pedaling again and raise up onto the foils.
Posted by jom on
I am interesting about your work.
How can the waterbike work .
Posted by Andy on
How much and when will bike be available? How does it work in waves?
Posted by Andy on
Cost and availability? How does it due with waves?
Posted by Karl Johnson on
Giday,I'm Karl from Johno Downunder,Australia Keep up the good works
Posted by Kai Karlsson on

This looks very interesting!

Do you plan to have the Waterbike on the market?

How much power does it take to "fly" this? How long trips have you done.

Best regards
Posted by Nathan on
Hello from Aussie! Just wondering if you built this bike from scratch or some existing hydrofoil/bike parts? Doesn't look very complex, but still can't work out how the pedals would drive a prop??? Awesome idea...Keep it up!
Posted by Jeremy Flanagan on
Let me be WorldWide Distributor, i'll get my Mate, Stevo to do it, he's good at business. I'll just take a fat cat kickback, and lap up the cream. First thing i'd add some floatation so you are already half way there to begin. ? You, Sir, are a pioneer, of aquatic flight. Congratulations. Can we shorten the wings at all? We get the enthusiasts involved. Merger with electric motorbike company. Tesla, takes a share, at mate's rates. Then i get my big retirement pay out. I buy a billion litres of delicious fluffy cream and thus achieve perpetual happiness.
Posted by Jeremy Flanagan on
Is it a dumb idea to have the pedals actually 'dip' into the water, like a duck does when taking off and landing. Im inventing stuff every 5minutes. Inspired by this fun creation, the bug has bitten.
Posted by grosjean joel on
y hope wellhear from you soon because very interested by your water bike
y live in france
Posted by GeorgeFlome on
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Posted by Soetkin Vanden Eynden on
Dear Stefan,

I would like to get in touch with you. I'm working for a Belgian scientific TV show and I have some questions for you concerning the waterbike. Is it possible that we get in touch?

Kind regards,
Soetkin Vanden Eynden
Posted by AlvinUsept on
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