Surprisingly the history of human powered hydrofoils is much shorter than the history of hydrofoils in general.

So was it already at the end of the 19th century when Enrico Forlanini invented the hydrofoil. Shortly after that Graham Bell  built a hydrofoil and named it HD for "hydrodome". He then build different versions reaching 30 mph, 50 mph and finally the HD4. This hydrofoil was reaching 70.86 mph powered by a powerful engine.! The record this hydrofoil set will stand for ten years.

But even after these 10 years it was another 30 years till Dipl. Ing Julius Schuck presented his first human powered hydrofoil to the public. He called it the "Wasserläufer" (Water runner). The TV report about this hydrofoil dates back to 1953.

Translation of the news report:

And another patent for advanced mobility. The Wasserläufer a simple machine based on complicated calculations. You push water and move. The father and driver of this machine is a engineer in Bavaria. Up and down, up and down without any rudder or paddle wheel. Everything self powered with muscle power and ingenuity.